From Wikipedia, “A disruptive technology or disruptive innovation is an innovation that improves a product or service in ways that the market does not expect, typically by being lower priced or designed for a different set of consumers. believes that disruptive solutions will enable the commercial real estate industry to survive and thrive. Our solutions are disruptive because they allow any company of any size to employ cutting edge, easy-to-use software without concessions due to budgetary constraints.

With solutions this easy and cost effective, making due with cumbersome, inflexible solutions whether legacy desktop or spreadsheet is not only unnecessary but detrimental to your long term survival.’s equation for success is simple: Quicker + Easier + Cheaper = Better.


Our solutions can be implemented in days as opposed to months. No hardware or software pre-requisites, easier to implement, and easier to use guarantees a quick ROI.


Our web-based solutions look and feel like current desktop applications, only more intuitive and easier to use. We assume you don’t have the time to learn something new. We combine the ease of use of a spreadsheet with the extensibility of enterprise applications.


Our applications are SaaS, web based applications requiring nothing more than a browser and a DSL or better connection. Why run the risk of buying additional hardware and software to support a new application when all that is required is a browser? Our solutions are hosted in cutting edge, high availability data centers. In addition, the implementation cost is 1/5 to 1/10 of the cost of current industry standards.


Disruption is required when status quo solutions reveal inadequate or outmoded approaches. We feel our solutions allow you to become much more efficient with little to no risk. Our solutions require some changes, although we feel that they will be the easiest decisions made by the successful companies that survive and thrive in this market. Large, $250,000+, multi-month software implementations have disappeared. believes that Quicker, Easier and Cheaper will always yield Better results. In short, we hope that you embrace disruptive solutions that make your organization relevant in the new world order. If so, we will be there to insure you prosper.