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Web-Based Lease Abstracting and Lease Administration with Realogic Abstract

Realogic Abstract

Web-Based Lease Abstracting and Lease Administration

Lease Abstracting and Administration Software in the Cloud


Originally designed to meet the needs of the lease abstractor and administrator, Realogic Abstract now accommodates the abstraction of data from all documents related to commercial real estate assets.

Lease data captured via a comprehensive yet easy-to-use interface facilitates the slicing and dicing of financial and non-financial lease data in a manner unlike any other software system available on the market.

Through the use of “Forms”, non-lease documents (including, but not limited to, mortgages, partnership agreements, management and leasing agreements, reciprocal easement agreements and service contracts) may be abstracted and reported upon for due diligence and ongoing administration. Lenders can facilitate the loan underwriting process by abstracting appraisals, environmental/engineering and other reports and then using the built-in export feature to create an Excel based “data tape”.