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Realogic Budget web-based budgeting for commercial real estate owners and operators

Realogic Budget

Web-Based Budgeting and Reforecasting for Commercial Real Estate

Integrated Web-Based Budgeting for Commercial Real Estate Owners & Operators

enterprise-budgeting Does your organization prepare budgets for numerous buildings each budget season? Do you repeat the input of common variables within each budget even though one variable is shared among several budgets (i.e., market rents for Class A buildings in Chicago, leasing commission rates in southeast market, etc.)?

With Realogic Budget, you can establish variables at the enterprise level and then reference them into each of your budgets to which they apply. Change the variable at the enterprise level and it flow through to all lower level budgets, resulting in a much more efficient budget and sensitivity analysis process. In addition, greater accountability is added to the budget process as changes from enterprise level variables within an individual budget can be easily tracked.

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