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Realogic Budget web-based budgeting for commercial real estate owners and operators

Realogic Budget

Web-Based Budgeting and Reforecasting for Commercial Real Estate

Integrated Web-Based Budgeting for Commercial Real Estate Owners & Operators

intuative-rent-roll Realogic Budget’s unique color-coded rent roll makes it simple for all users to see and understand what tenant data is contractual, what has changed and what still needs to be addressed.

  • Rows color-coded in grey indicate contractual data uploaded from the accounting or lease administration system.
  • Rows color-coded in yellow indicate contractual data that has been overwritten (i.e., early lease termination).
  • Rows color-coded in red indicate contractual tenants rolling over within the budget period for which an assumption is necessary.
  • Rows color-coded in white indicate assumptive (i.e., speculative) data.

Furthermore, pre-defined market assumptions encompassing rental rate, term, recoveries and other charges, concessions and build-out/commissions are supported on a suite level basis. Adding a lease-up or renewal assumption is as simple as referencing a pre-defined market assumption. If the market assumption does not work for you, use of “simple rates” allows you to quickly add your own terms.

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Create long term valuation forecasts from your Realogic Budget data

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Export Tenants, Recoveries, MLAs & more

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Bi-directional synchronization between your accounting system and Realogic

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