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Realogic Budget web-based budgeting for commercial real estate owners and operators

Realogic Budget

Web-Based Budgeting and Reforecasting for Commercial Real Estate

Integrated Web-Based Budgeting for Commercial Real Estate Owners & Operators

securityWith web based applications, security is always an issue, especially when sensitive lease data is involved. We have taken painstaking measures to insure that your data is secure.

Realogic Budget is hosted at a third-party co-location site whose business revolves around providing the highest levels of security for hosted applications and data. The services and data center facilities of our co-location provider are SAS-70 compliant.

Data transmission is also protected via secure socket layer (SSL) encryption.

Finally, role based security can be used to limit the screens, reports and projects to which a user has access. Define the roles that work for your organization, and apply these roles to users to insure that nobody is editing or viewing data inappropriately. Role based security allows multiple users to work on the same budget simultaneously (with no cutting, pasting, linking or merging of files!) while viewing and/or editing only those sections of the budget for which they have rights.


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Create long term valuation forecasts from your Realogic Budget data

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Export Tenants, Recoveries, MLAs & more

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Bi-directional synchronization between your accounting system and Realogic

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