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Web-Based Lease Abstracting and Lease Administration with Realogic Abstract

Realogic Abstract

Web-Based Lease Abstracting and Lease Administration

Lease Abstracting and Administration Software in the Cloud

Realogic Abstract can be customized to control how your lease information is collected and stored

You decide what data is important for your organization, then customize Realogic Abstract to standardize the way in which this data is captured.

For leases, determine the clauses and provisions to be abstracted and establish custom Clause Lists to standardize the abstracting process throughout your organization. Any clause or provision that you feel is important can be included in the Clause List, and must be addressed by your abstract team for all leases within a building.

Also, many of the drop downs in Realogic Abstract may be customized for the needs of your organization.

Finally, create a different Form Template to define the information you would like to capture for each type of non-lease document to be abstracted (i.e., mortgages, partnership agreements, service contracts, appraisals, etc.). Then use the template as a starting point in the abstracting process, insuring that the same information is captured for each document type.