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Web-Based Lease Abstracting and Lease Administration with Realogic Abstract

Realogic Abstract

Web-Based Lease Abstracting and Lease Administration

Lease Abstracting and Administration Software in the Cloud

expedites-speed-accuracyMake data entry easier, faster and more accurate with the use of templates, wizards and snippets.


  • Create ‘Template Leases’ containing the language in your standard lease form as the starting point for abstracting. Create ‘Form Templates’ to standardize the abstracting of non-lease documents. Use Realogic Abstract’s copy functionality to duplicate entire projects, buildings, leases or forms or to copy recovery, option or clause data within a lease record.


  • Built-in wizards expedite the process of entering repetitive data, such as floor records within a building or recurring charge records within a lease that have the same dollar per square foot or percentage increases.


  • Eliminate typing of standard lease language via the insertion of a small piece of reusable text.

Date Calculator

  • Calculate notification, effective or other key dates when a specified date is not provided within the documentation.