ra-orange-stackedThis is one of those user experience things that comes intuitively to some, but enough users have thanked us for showing them this tip that I thought it deserved its own post. If that sounds interesting, read on or watch the embedded video. 

When a user generates reports in Realogic Abstract, they normally select the buildings or leases from the Available window, click a "Move" button to bring them into the Selected window before clicking the PDF button to generate the chosen reports with the selected criteria. The single angled bracket (>) will bring over the selected building or lease while the double angled bracket (>>) will move all available objects into the Selected window.

This, of course, is the expected behavior. But did you know you can double-click the bulidings or leases to bring them over without the Move button click? It's true and it's an easy in-between way to select some of the buildings or leases but not all. 

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Miles Baltrusaitis

Miles is a multi-instumentalist for Realogic Analytics, where he works in Marketing & Sales but ultimately concentrates on client services. Miles also has extensive experience in Lease Abstracting and Lease Administration.

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