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Realogic Budget web-based budgeting for commercial real estate owners and operators

Realogic Budget

Web-Based Budgeting and Reforecasting for Commercial Real Estate

Integrated Web-Based Budgeting for Commercial Real Estate Owners & Operators


rb-portion-tiltRealogic Budget is entirely web-based, delivered as a “SaaS” (Software as a Service) application. Rather than purchasing the software and loading on your network or individual machines, you subscribe to the software for a fee and access the application via a secure log-in and password from a web browser. Advantages of SaaS delivery include:

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

    • There is no additional software or hardware investment required on your part. Realogic manages all software and hardware from a secure, SSAE 16 compliant co-location site. All that you need is a high-speed internet connection.

No Maintenance Fees

    • Realogic Budget's subscription fee includes maintenance. You are always running the latest version of the software with nothing to install on your end.

Anytime/Anywhere Access

    • You do not need to be sitting at your desk at work to access Realogic Budget. As long as you have access to a computer with an internet connection, the ability to budget and report on your data is at your fingertips.

One Database

  • Because all data is stored in a single database regardless of the location of the user, budgeting can be performed simultaneously from multiple locations.

Accounting System Integration

accounts-subaccounts Every base budget is sourced with data from your accounting system. Realogic Budget’s import of the following data eliminates the inefficiency and user errors associated with re-keying of data:

  • Chart of Accounts (including sub-accounts)
  • General Ledger
  • Actuals
  • Rent Roll and charge data
  • Recoveries
  • Sales and Percentage Rent
  • Prior budget/actual data

Realogic Budget also supports the export of completed budgets back into your accounting system.

Intuitive Rent Roll

intuative-rent-roll Realogic Budget’s unique color-coded rent roll makes it simple for all users to see and understand what tenant data is contractual, what has changed and what still needs to be addressed.

  • Rows color-coded in grey indicate contractual data uploaded from the accounting or lease administration system.
  • Rows color-coded in yellow indicate contractual data that has been overwritten (i.e., early lease termination).
  • Rows color-coded in red indicate contractual tenants rolling over within the budget period for which an assumption is necessary.
  • Rows color-coded in white indicate assumptive (i.e., speculative) data.

Furthermore, pre-defined market assumptions encompassing rental rate, term, recoveries and other charges, concessions and build-out/commissions are supported on a suite level basis. Adding a lease-up or renewal assumption is as simple as referencing a pre-defined market assumption. If the market assumption does not work for you, use of “simple rates” allows you to quickly add your own terms.

Enterprise Budgeting

enterprise-budgeting Does your organization prepare budgets for numerous buildings each budget season? Do you repeat the input of common variables within each budget even though one variable is shared among several budgets (i.e., market rents for Class A buildings in Chicago, leasing commission rates in southeast market, etc.)?

With Realogic Budget, you can establish variables at the enterprise level and then reference them into each of your budgets to which they apply. Change the variable at the enterprise level and it flow through to all lower level budgets, resulting in a much more efficient budget and sensitivity analysis process. In addition, greater accountability is added to the budget process as changes from enterprise level variables within an individual budget can be easily tracked.

Expedites for Speed and Accuracy

expadites-speed-accuracy Realogic Budget contains numerous expedites to assist in the generation of high quality, consistent budgets in a shorter period of time. These expedites include:

Navigation Aids:

Spreadsheet style navigation in a browser enhances the user experience by providing the familiar look and feel of Excel. The input process is facilitated by data entry wizards as well as the ability to enter amounts in a variety of formats including monthly, quarterly or annually; as a percentage of another line item; and per occupied or static building measure.


Creation of budget templates supports standardization and deployment of “best practices” throughout the organization. Use previously created templates as the starting point in the budgeting process to insure that all budgets have a similar look and feel. Budgets of power users may be copied as the starting point to create the template to be shared by all users.

Excel Imports

Expenses and tenant charges, including expense recoveries, that are calculated offline within Excel may be imported directly into Realogic Budget on a building-by-building basis or simultaneously for an entire portfolio.

Recovery & Percentage Rent Calculations

recovery-percentage-rent-calculationsBudgeting recoveries is one of the most difficult parts of the budgeting process. Realogic Budget simplifies the process by letting you handle the calculation of recoveries from within the application. Define expense pools & majors contributions, calculate gross-ups, enter base year information and calculate caps to assist in the budgeting of expense recoveries.

For retail tenants, enter projected sales figures, overage percentages and breakpoints to assist in the budgeting of percentage rent.

Multi-Client, Multi-Ledger Support

multi-client-ledger-reportTrying to share your budgets with a third party (JV partner, owner, etc.) can often times be problematic if they use a different general ledger structure than contained within your budget. With Realogic Budget, you can map the budget G/L to any other G/L format in order to present the results in a format consistent with that used by the third party.

Multi-Year Budgeting

multi-year Do you need to prepare budgets for a time period other than 12 months? Does your existing budgeting software act as a hindrance to multi-year budgets?

With Realogic Budget, you define the optimal budget period prior to commencing the budget process. There is no longer a need to be limited to 12 month budgets because of software constraints.

Robust Reporting

robust-reportsReport across one building individually or multiple buildings on a consolidated basis using the many financial and leasing reports available within Realogic Budget.


Financial reports let you view your cash flows and components thereof, compare with prior periods and produce a variance analysis with detailed explanations as necessary.

Leasing reports provide tenancy information and include Leasing Activity, Expiration, Occupancy and Rent Roll reports. Furthermore, all reports may be exported to Excel, Acrobat PDF or HTML.



securityWith web based applications, security is always an issue, especially when sensitive lease data is involved. We have taken painstaking measures to insure that your data is secure.

Realogic Budget is hosted at a third-party co-location site whose business revolves around providing the highest levels of security for hosted applications and data. The services and data center facilities of our co-location provider are SAS-70 compliant.

Data transmission is also protected via secure socket layer (SSL) encryption.

Finally, role based security can be used to limit the screens, reports and projects to which a user has access. Define the roles that work for your organization, and apply these roles to users to insure that nobody is editing or viewing data inappropriately. Role based security allows multiple users to work on the same budget simultaneously (with no cutting, pasting, linking or merging of files!) while viewing and/or editing only those sections of the budget for which they have rights.


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