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Realogic Budget web-based budgeting for commercial real estate owners and operators

Realogic Budget

Web-Based Budgeting and Reforecasting for Commercial Real Estate

Integrated Web-Based Budgeting for Commercial Real Estate Owners & Operators

expadites-speed-accuracy Realogic Budget contains numerous expedites to assist in the generation of high quality, consistent budgets in a shorter period of time. These expedites include:

Navigation Aids:

Spreadsheet style navigation in a browser enhances the user experience by providing the familiar look and feel of Excel. The input process is facilitated by data entry wizards as well as the ability to enter amounts in a variety of formats including monthly, quarterly or annually; as a percentage of another line item; and per occupied or static building measure.


Creation of budget templates supports standardization and deployment of “best practices” throughout the organization. Use previously created templates as the starting point in the budgeting process to insure that all budgets have a similar look and feel. Budgets of power users may be copied as the starting point to create the template to be shared by all users.

Excel Imports

Expenses and tenant charges, including expense recoveries, that are calculated offline within Excel may be imported directly into Realogic Budget on a building-by-building basis or simultaneously for an entire portfolio.

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Create long term valuation forecasts from your Realogic Budget data

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Export Tenants, Recoveries, MLAs & more

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Bi-directional synchronization between your accounting system and Realogic

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Import to open budgets & forecasts