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Excel Add-In for reporting and analysis of Argus DCF data

Realogic Tools®

Excel® add-in for reporting and analysis of ARGUS Valuation-DCF® data

Realogic Tools, the excel Add-In for Reporting and Analysis of Argus DCF data

Stop Cutting, Pasting and Re-Linking


  • Select the asset(s), the desired report package and analysis dates with just a few clicks of your mouse.
  • Extract data from an ARGUS file for a single building or portfolio of hundreds of ARGUS files.
  • Leverage the OpenARGUS functionality native to ARGUS Valuation – DCF to look at all data within the model.

Presentation Quality Reports


Formatted reports make inclusion in your presentation books fast and easy.

Reports that are just a mouse-click away include:

  • Executive Summary
  • Rent Roll
  • Expiration Report
  • Cash Flow Schedule and many others 

The margins, page widths, headers, font size and style choices all reflect a perfect compromise of legibility on-screen and on the page.

See the Realogic Tools screenshots section for examples of the reports included. 


Review Your ARGUS Valuation - DCF file for Accuracy

review-argus-valuation-dcfAssess internally prepared and third party ARGUS Valuation - DCF files for errors that may compromise the integrity of your analysis. Realogic Tools identifies sixteen different exceptions in each file. Commonly recognized exceptions include:

  • Double counting rent bumps
  • Using Overrides
  • Entry errors in the rent roll

The Realogic Tools Exceptions Report ensures that you are aware of commonly encountered modeling issues.


Analyze Individual Assets or Portfolios

analyze-individual-assetsUnderwriting individual properties? Use the “VALUE” module for detailed reporting and analysis for an individual building.

Need the same deep look at a portfolio level in a single workbook? Use the “PORTFOLIO” module without sacrificing any detail. Imagine seeing the ARGUS assumptions for an entire portfolio of properties on a single tab within one Excel workbook. Not a problem with Realogic Tools.

Using ARGUS tenant data to assist in sizing a loan? Use the "SIZER" module for your loan underwriting needs.


Easy-to-Read Building and Market Assumption Schedules

easy-to-read-market-assumptionsThe reports in Realogic Tools detail the assumptions used in the ARGUS file for an individual building (inflation, vacant lease-up) and each Market Leasing Assumption (Rent, Tenant Improvements, Leasing Commissions, Downtime, Renewal Probability and Abatements).

Furthermore, the Portfolio module summarizes building and market assumptions for EVERY BUILDING in the portfolio. It is no longer necessary to spend hours (or days!) reviewing ARGUS files to understand the underlying assumptions contained therein.


Powerful Tenant Analytics

powerful-tenant-analyticsRealogic Tools reports highlight key tenant metrics that are not provided within ARGUS.

  • Occupancy cost on a tenant-by-tenant basis. (For retail tenants, occupancy costs are compared against sales per square foot as a measure of tenant's health)
  • Comparison of gross tenant rents at expiration against gross market rents to determine the impact of tenant rollover at building rentals.
  • Editable “in-place” cash flow with tenant detail.

No Hidden Formulas & Formatting within Excel

no-hidden-formulasRealogic Tools exposes its formulas for end-user audit and manipulation. There is no need to figure out how calculations are performed, Realogic Tools shows you. You need to change a calculation for a particular deal? Go ahead! All formulas are editable.

Not only does this transparency allow for auditing and manipulation, Tools illustrates examples of useful Excel techniques to teach users advanced Excel skills.


Integrated Equity Waterfall Modeling

integrated-equity-waterfallRealogic Tools layers a sophisticated Waterfall model onto the ARGUS cash flows and debt assumptions modeled within the Excel file.

  • Up to 7 different tiers of splits can be added between 2 Limited Partners (LPs) and 1 General Partner (GP).
  • A wide range of GP fees may be modeled.
  • Partner distributions may be modeled on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis.

Sophisticated Valuation Analytics

sophisticated-valuationQuickly calculate Internal Rate of Return (IRRs) for individual assets and portfolios. Capitalization rate, discount rate and other assumptions can be modified on a  building-by-building basis.

  • Calculate both "free and clear" returns and returns on equity
  • Calculate returns on both a leveraged and unleveraged basis

Flexible Debt Modeling


Structure debt at the property or portfolio level with a variety of debt assumptions.

  • Incorporate up to three pieces of debt, including a refinance.
  • Choose loan type: fixed & floating rate, amortizing or interest only.
  • Choose interest calculation type: 30/360, Actual 360, Actual 365, or Semi-annual.
  • Want to finance CapEx? Pay points or penalties? Realogic Tools makes it easy and guides the user through the inputs.

Dynamic In-Place Rent Functionality

dynamic-in-place-rentCalculate in-place rents with a click of the mouse.

  • View the speculative and contractual status of all tenants.
  • Change the “Yes”/”No” designation to modify the actual in-place underwriting analysis.
  • Define the desired cash flow components to be used in the in-place calculation.
  • For loan sizing, include in-place rents at two different points in time & see expiring square footage/rent bumps.

Exceptions Reporting

exceptions-reportDon’t let errors in your Argus Valuation DCF file ruin your analysis.  Let us identify the simple to the insidious. Realogic Tools identifies sixteen different exceptions in your Argus Valuation DCF file.  From “Inflate Market Rent Monthly” to the entering the incorrect rent in the rent roll, Realogic Tools will point you in the right direction to make sure your file is doing what you expect.


Source Templates

source-templateSave time by loading in pre-made templates for specific market or debt scenarios.